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DAAD Scholarship in Germany 2019/2020

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The word DAAD which stands for The German Academic Exchange Service or Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdiensts (German) is the largest German support organisation in the field of international academic cooperation. It was founded on the 1st January 1925 but closed down in 1945 and was refounded in 1950.

It has it’s Headquarters located in Bonn,Germany with 15 other international regional branch offices which exist to provide information and advice on study and research opportunities, as well as availability grants, tailored to students and academies within their region. DAAD’s known president is Margaret Wintermantel.

DAAD is a private federally funded and state funded, self-governing national agency of the institutions of higher education in Germany, representing 365 German higher education institutions. (100 universities and technical universities, 162 general universities of applied sciences and 52 colleges of music and art)

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) provides scholarships in Germany for international students for a range of post graduate courses at the universities which aim at providing academically educated young professionals from developing countries with further specialized studies.

DAAD does not offer programs of study or course, but awards competitive, merit based grants for use towards study or research in Germany at any accredited German institutions of education. It also awards grants to German students,  doctoral students and scholars for studies and research abroad. With an annual budget of nearly 400million Euros and supporting approximately 50,000 grantees annually, approximately 11,000 of which are long term scholarships, the DAAD is in fact the largest of such academic grant organization world wide.

The DAAD New York office serves residents of the United States and Canada who are enrolled or employed at American and Canadian higher institutions and would like to study or pursue research in Germany. From the perspective of this side of the exchange, the DAAD’s mission is to facilitate American and Canadian students access to the distinguished German institutions of higher education and research – from research universities to universities of applied sciences, colleges of music and art, libraries and archives and research institutions such as the Max Planck Institutes.

The DAAD grants administered by the DAAD abroad are available to students of all academic disciplines and at each academic degree level, including undergraduates, graduating undergraduates and recent graduates with a B.A, masters degree students, doctoral students, PhD candidates and post doctoral scholars and faculty. The DAAD worldwide network also includes around 50 information centres and around 450 DAAD lecturer position. A large number of international students are recruited for DAAD scholarships. The wide range of degree programs taught are in English and German languages are being offered to DAAD scholars. Two years of professional work experience is the basic requirement to apply for the scholarship program. The duration of course studied under DAAD scholarship coverage must have to be more than 12 months and less than 36 months.

Getting this scholarship, gives you the opportunity to study in Germany. You’ll also receive a monthly stipend to  support your living expenditures, health insurance allowance and some travel grant. The list benefits provided by DAAD scholarship are as follows:

*Monthly stipend of 750 Euros to be given to postgraduate students.

*Doctoral degree course students will receive 1000 Euro stipend every month.

*Both masters and doctoral degree course students will get insurance and health coverage.

*Both masters and doctoral program students may receive travel grant.

*Free education in German universities

*Free accommodation inside university dorm facility.

Application Requirements.

*Applicants must have completed bachelor degree not more than 6years old.

*DAAD scholarship is given to the students who have at least two years of proven work experience.

*English or German language requirement depends on the choice of your degree course.

How To Apply.

*Download DAAD Scholarship application form, and fill it with credentials.

*Download Europas specimen form and make your hand signed cv.

*Get a hand signed motivation letter with current occupation referenced.

*If there is a research proposal requirement specified by university, provide it.

*You have to get the recommendation letter from the university you last attended.

*Professional experience letter of re-employment when you will return back to your country after completion of education. (Optional)

*English proficiency proof, following tests scores, are acceptable.

-IELTS: Band score requirement can be as per university and program requirement as listed on university websites.

-German language: Mandatory requirement for German taught degree courses.

-TOEFL institutional is not accepted.

*Find the degree courses you wish to study in Germany under DAAD scholarship and apply directly to the university.

*After completion of the above stated documents, make sure you also find out what extra documents are required for your desired degree program.

*Apply directly to the university and it depends if the university requires an online application, documents by postal service or via both ways.

*Admission applications in German universities are now open per official notice of DAAD scholarship.

DAAD Regional Offices are located in London, Cairo, New Delhi, Paris, New York City, Rio de Janeiro, Moscow, Nairobi, Tokyo, Jakarta, Beijing, Warsaw, Taipei and Mexico City.


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