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Free Scholarships for Developing Countries

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These scholarships have been designed for eligible and passionate students to enable them acquire that outstanding academic training while all accommodation, traveling, studies and health experiences are all covered, you wouldn’t have to worry about anything.
Here are the list of scholarships to make a choice from.

1.Top 10 scholarships in Italy for international students

If you’ve ever dreamed of studying in Italy with the concern of how to take care of tuition fees and other finances?  Well you don’t have to worry anymore because you can now apply for a student scholarship to school in some Italian universities for all levels of education.
You can also study any course of your choice. The Italian scholarships available includes:
*Italian Government scholarships for foreign students.
The Italian Government awards scholarships for studying in Italy both to foreign citizens and Italian citizens resident abroad. The scholarships are offered for the following type of courses : Undergraduate university courses, Postgraduate University courses, Masters Degree courses, Ph.D courses, specialization schools, Research under academic supervision, Courses of Higher Education in Art, Music and Dance (AFAM), Advanced Courses on Italian language and culture courses for Teachers of Italian as second language. It is only possible to apply for three, six or nine months scholarship.
*University of Pavia International Scholarships for Developing country students.
The university of Pavia (UNIPV), in order to promote international cooperation with the developing countries, offers scholarships to outstanding students from developing countries to study a Masters Degree Program taught in English at the University. Each scholarship is worth about €8,000.
*Bologna University study Grants for international students.
The University of Bologna offers study grants to deserving international students who which to register for Bachelor’s and Masters Degree programs at the University of Bologna. Each study grant is awarded for one academic year and amount to a total of €11,059.
*EDISU Piemonte scholarship.
Students including non-EU international students enrolled in a full time Bachelors Degree, Masters degree, single cycle masters degree or Ph.D degree courses at one of the universities of Piedmont (ie The Politecnico of Torino, the University of Torino) can apply for EDISU scholarships if they meet the merit and economic requirements of the competition. Part-time students can apply if enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree. The scholarship amount varies depending on many conditions Accommodations Service can also be granted to non-resident students.
*Bocconi University Scholarship For International Students.
Bocconi University offers scholarships to international students enrolling any eligible Bachelors program or Masters of science program at Bocconi. The Scholarship includes full tuition waiver with up to €11,500 per year for Bachelors program and up to €12,700 per year for Masters of science program.
*Scula Normale Superior PhD scholarships.
Scula Normale superior is offering 78 fully funded scholarships to both Italian citizens and students from outside Italy. All students admitted to the PhD program receive full financial support including tuition fees and a cost of living scholarship.
2. Colin Matheson Scholarships for Master Degree at the University of West Minister, UK 2019.
The university of West Minister is currently accepting applications for the Colin Matheson scholarship. This fully funded scholarship is open to international students of eligible developing countries who will be undertaking Masters Degree at the University. The closing date of application is May every year.
The university of Westminster’s scholarships program was established by Colin Matheson. The Colin Matheson scholarship covers full tuition fee award, accommodation, living expenses and flights to and from London. Students can do their Masters degree in all subjects. To be able to partake in the scholarship, you must be an international student from a developing country and hold an offer for full time Masters at the University. Citizens of any developing country can apply.
3. Marshall Papworth Scholarships for Developing Countries Students in UK 2019.
This scholarship provides opportunities for students from developing countries to gain the agricultural skills needed to achieve a sustainable future for themselves and there communities through Teo scholarship programs: Masters program – A one year Master’s degree in agriculture or horticulture at a UK based university ; Marshall Papworth 10-weeks short course, a 10-week practical and experimental course to empower change makers in rural communities. The scholarship varies from £14,500 to £21,500 depending on location and chosen university college as determined by the Marshall committee.
As an agricultural charity, land-based Postgraduate courses are favored, including sustainable development, waste management and international Horticulture. However, more general courses such as Project Management and Economic Development are considered. Applications for Master scholarships are made directly to one partner university/college.
This scholarships are targeted for the students from developing countries.
*The scholarships are designed to fund the majority of tuition fees, living expenses and travel costs.
*They fund scholarships for one year postgraduate courses for students from developing countries for UK based MSc and MA courses.
*This course has been designed specifically for students who can demonstrate a strong hands o and commitment to their community and its agricultural development.
For The Masters Program;
*Each Marshall Papworth scholarships for developing countries provides education for a one year COURSE. Scholarships are awarded for a course such as an MSc or MA as these are traditionally one year in length.
*Go to Application process where you will find a list of universities/ colleges that they are currently working with and the relevant courses they individually run.
*The school nominated student will be sent the appropriate application forms.
*Applicants are required to apply by email.
*Scholarships are due on March (annually)
*Application forms and guidelines can be downloaded from the official website.
*It is important to read the application procedure and visit the official websites for detailed information on how to apply for the scholarship.
Education has always been said to be the right of every individual, yet wonders are, as to why tuition fees are increased every year. This is one amongst many reasons why students passionate about studies and education from developing countries feel robbed of the opportunity to acquire quality and affordable education

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